Thoughts for the Day: Spending Is Key

Not wanting his relationship legacy to be that of a tight twat Daniel Ruiz Tizon decided it was time to splash some cash.
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A girlfriend once told me I was tight, just as I was poised to dump her. So mindful that I didn’t want to be remembered like that, I endeavoured to keep the relationship alive for another few months, during which time I spoilt her rotten, lavishing her with gifts, restaurant dates and a surprise holiday before dumping her. That way at least I knew she would remember how great the last few months were. That would be my legacy. The next date she went on, no doubt she would’ve got to that moment where you talk about your last partner and she would say with the hint of a yearn the new guy would pick up on, “He was so generous. God, we did everything, we went here, we went there, he took me there, we did this, we did that.” The new guy would be daunted.

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