Thoughts For The Day: Step Away From The Cashpoint

Some elements of social etiquette are standard: always say please and thank you, don't look at a woman's boobs when she’s talking, never watch someone when they're using an ATM.
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My ideal girlfriend would keep a respectable distance when I’m using an ATM. When you’re queuing up at the cash point, and your lady’s with you, and it’s coming up to your turn - if you’re like me - you’re feeling awkward because you know you’ve got to break off the conversation to go to up to the ATM.

Your concern is, you got to take out your money, and you wonder whether this girl will afford you the privacy you need. What would you do if she follows you and stands at your shoulder still yapping away as you’re inputting your pin? You may not even be sure this relationship is going to last. It may be a short lived thing, but then what, you end the relationship, you don’t know where or whom this girl is going to end up with, and she will know your pin number. You’ll have all that hassle of changing the pin and then you’ve got to get ATM comfortable with the next girl that comes along in your life.

The ideal girlfriend would automatically step away when you go up to the ATM. She shouldn’t even say, “I’ll just wait here’. None of that. She just steps away silently and you both know what’s going on. Ideally you shouldn’t even look at her as she steps back. Just focus on that ATM. You get your money, stick it in your wallet before you turn around (her seeing how much you’ve taken out may discourage her from paying her half on the night) and your conversation resumes naturally. It’s not easy to find that kind of girl, and when you do, you want to hang onto her.

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