Thoughts For The Day: Thou Shalt Not Compliment Women

In these hard economic times, don't go around chatting up another bloke's missus - he's your brother, and she might get too big for her boots.
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Guys, if your girlfriend says all confidently that she could pull if she wants to, someone’s obviously paid them a compliment.

We’re all brothers. Let’s not pay other men’s women a compliment. Some of us are trusting enough to give our ladies a long leash, and we don’t ask too many questions about their nights out. We know they’ll have been ogled and hit on, but we don’t need to know the specifics. We can convince ourselves that doesn’t happen.

But when they make a statement about their ability to pull, someone’s obviously paid them a compliment, totally unnecessary because it leaves you potentially dealing with a bigger ego.

We’re in the middle of a recession. Times are hard enough without worrying your woman’s suddenly dressing for someone else.

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