Thoughts For The Day: Why I Love Queuing Up

You gotta love queuing - it's just so erotically charged. That is, if you've got a lot of time on your hands and you're comedian Daniel Ruiz Tizon...
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I like queuing up. All people get to see is the back of your head. Occasionally you turn slightly to the side so they get a tantalising side look. People standing behind you see the back of your head. You got that tall, dark, possibly handsome thing going on. Then you make a call. They hear you talking to a friend on the phone. You sound cool. They like what they’re hearing. The anticipation builds. Now they wanna see the face. There’s always a danger that once you get served and your turn around and leave, with the rest of the queue craning their necks to see the face, that they’ll be disappointed. But I like that feeling. It’s exciting. I get off on the fear that someone may find me ugly. You’ll see that disappointment etched in their faces. You’ll see it in their eyes. It’ll kill you.

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