Thoughts For The Day: Job Hunting

Job hunting is a bitch. For Daniel Ruiz Tizon the search for employment is making him lose the ability to make his face function properly.
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This is my seventh day without a job and I can honestly say I’m feeling a little lost. Right now I’ve got this vacant look going on. Same look I get when I’m watching Later with Jools Holland and they get to that World Music section. My mouth droops on one side, as if I’m having a stroke, and I’m like, ‘What the fuck is this Jools’ Why every week do you have to crowbar this world music shit in like you’re on a mission to enlighten us?’ I don’t know what’s happening. All I see on screen is some colourfully dressed 20-piece North African band that sounds just like last week’s colourfully dressed 20-piece band from the Gambia and I just want it over. That’s the feeling people. I need a job.