Tiny Troopers - Is This The State of PS3 Gaming?

It's a PS3 indie game release. That was adapted from a an iOS game. May be time to invest in next gen mate...
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So for a game that was originally a mobile only release, there isn’t much in terms of story to tell, lets lay the field for you. You control troopers. They are small, almost tiny, in fact you could call them Tiny Troopers. From their humble beginning on iOS the minuscule men of war march morosely from mobile to mainstream as we take a look at their port to PS3.

In both its original iOS iteration and its current gen releases, the aim of the game is to have your little dudes wipe out all the other little dudes, there are a small variation in the missions available such as destroy this or that.

While its cutesy graphical style is endearing at first, it does feel a little samey after a very short amount of time. One of the samey-est things about this game (Screw you I can English good!) is the complete and utter idiocy of your AI. These chucklefucks can quite easily get stuck in walls, trees, bit of dirt, etc and turning to help him, while the others walk straight to their deaths is rage inducing.


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Everyone else is really likening this game to a classic Amiga title, well I haven’t played that one and won’t pretend otherwise, so fuck it, it plays like a twin stick shooter. Since it was originally made to tap around a screen, having direct control with sticks is pretty smooth. You pick a dude, you drag him across a map, and you make the little bastard either kill stuff or blow up your target. That's just about it. There are some small RPG elements to it with your soldiers getting stronger depending on how many missions they do, gaining experience, and there is permadeath, so if your highest level little dude goes down in a fracas, you’re screwed, go back, start over, make another one.

Alongside the sub par overly easy gameplay and paint drinking AI, the voice acting is definitely sub par as well, without meaning to look down on others work, whoever thought this games jokes would pass for humour needs their head checked.

At the end of the day, there isn’t really that much in challenge either, weapons are upgradeable and at certain points you can just take all of your biggest guns and blast the heads off anything that looks at you funny. It’s not really something we can recommend you buying. If you see around for a free try or a friends house, give it a go for yourself, otherwise save your pennies ladies and gents, for a cutesy and slightly more challenging game on PSN, go ahead and grab Fat Princess.