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Ginsberg, frozen dead husbands, a rare Scorsese and plenty of decapitations coming up on the box over the next 7 days...
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This week we take a cinematic journey through the intricacies of free expression in art, the peculiarities of family relationships, the life story of an immortal, the madness of obsession and the morally grey world of desperate immigrants.

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Sunday 14th October

Using an unusual mix of styles, the controversy & court case regarding Allen Ginsberg’s ground breaking work is explored in HOWL at 11:30 pm on BBC2.

If you’ve never read the poem in question and are wondering what the fuss was about, check out the exuberant, semen scattering, life affirming celebration of freedom here.

Monday 15th October

Penelope Cruz hides her dead husband in a freezer & then gradually comes to terms with the peculiarities of her life in the morbidly colourful Spanish comedy drama VOLVER at 00:55am on Film4.

Tuesday 16th October

A rocking Queen sound track, ropey accents, a preposterous bad guy and more decapitations than you could shake an electrified sword at- 80’s classic HIGHLANDER plays at 10pm on ITV4.

Wednesday 17th October

Oblivious to reality, Robert De Niro will stop at nothing to achieve his twisted dream of celebrity in Martin Scorsese’s lesser known treat KING OF COMEDY at 9pm on Film4.

Friday 19th October

Illegal immigrants in Belgium plot a cold scheme of murder & marriage until the titular heroine grows a conscience and has second thoughts--strangely cruel & kind drama in THE SILENCE OF LORNA at 00:55am on BBC2.

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