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War, wealth, horror and fetishes feature this week, and if they don't float your boat then join us for a Tweet-along during Apocalypse Now tomorrow night...
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This week we take you on a cinematic journey to witness the futility of war, the vacuum of affluence, the cost of truth, the insanity of conflict, a ghostly orphanage, the humanity of the enemy, the surreal world of psychoanalytical comedy, the horror of bedlam, freaky fetishes and a soldier’s revenge in this week’s top 10 films on TV.

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Sunday 4th November

Self obsession, self ignorance, self acceptance, repressed sexuality and underage infatuation spill out from middle America’s failed dreams in Sam Mendes’ post modern classic AMERICAN BEAUTY at 11:30pm on BBC2.

Unwittingly made heroes and indelible icons of history, three men struggle with the truth and consequences of war. Clint Eastwood explores the American experience of World War 2 in the first of two films- FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS at 11:35pm on Film4.

A Captain faces the sheer insanity of conflict when he’s sent up the river looking for Kurtz. With an iconic sound track and brutally beautiful visuals, Vietnam war film perfection APOCALYPSE NOW plays at 9pm on ITV4 (you can join us on Twitter for a tweet-along at #TFTApNow)

A Spanish orphan discovers terrifying secrets when Guillermo Del Toro’s wonderfully atmospheric, creeptastic gem THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE plays at 9:55pm on BBC4

Monday 5th November

Clint Eastwood follows up Flags Of Our Fathers by exploring the Japanese experience of WW2 as soldiers prepare for the imminent American onslaught. Poignant rarity LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA airs at 01:05am on Film4.

Freud and Jung observe their sciences being applied to a flawed man in the truly unique, splendid and surreal psychoanalytical satire SURVIVING LIFE (THEORY & PRACTICE) at 02:20am on Channel4.

Tuesday 6th November

Total freedom Vs discipline and punishment as a man enters a riotous asylum in the bonkers eyeball rolling, meat dancing, grotesque philosophical horror LUNACY at 01:05am on Channel4

Wednesday 7th November

Seemingly normal people indulge in bread snorting, carp stroking, S&M doll dominating freaky fetish fun in the voyeuristic, surrealist gem CONSPIRATORS OF PLEASURE at 01:35am on Film4.

Friday 9th November

An unforgiving British soldier returns from the army to brutalise a sadistic, drugs gang who’ve systematically bullied his simple brother. Shane Meadow’s axe wielding revenge treat DEAD MAN’S SHOES airs at 10:55pm on Film4.

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