Tour De Dance

Have you heard about the new dance craze? Cycling meets clubbing, but instead of competing for a yellow jersey you'll pedalling for beer and cash. Sounds like our kind of sport.
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Clubbing is in a crisis – a midlife one. Or that’s at least what the latest quirk to befall UK clubbing might suggest as sweaty ravers make way for the modern man’s Harley Davidson – the fixed gear bike.

On the site of seminal Nottingham club The Garage, Nihon, is taking the yellow jersey in forging a new weekend niche as punters fueled by the offer of free beer, rather than erythropoietin, furiously pedal in individual and team bouts.

While once the venue was more famed as the place Graeme Park and Allister Whitehead started spinning tunes, Friday night is now the domain of new breed of cycle-obsessed hipsters thanks to local fixed gear club and hip hop heads Fix Up.

Hooking up a couple of frames for roller racing, this weekly meet looks set to be more of a ‘Friday in hip hop heaven’ rather than a ‘Sunday in hell’ with old skool sets and its very own MC.

Promising to clear up any ‘turf wars or disputes’ by allowing enemies to talk with their legs, the team event practically bills itself as a cycling amalgam of Le Mans 24 and Karate Kid, but after a few pints its more likely to resemble a lycra-clad Big Brother task, as competitors wilt as their distance counter projects behind them.

Rewards for this all sprinting competition vary from a few pints to £50 for the winner of the 1k race. And if you’re a real pedal head there’s even the monthly mantle of champion (complete with engraved trophy) on offer.

Clubbers never get old, they just ride round the block for a bit.