Tupac Isn't Dead, He's...Advertising The Ford Fusion

We're used to rappers bragging about their guns, bitches and bling but this new Ford advert with a Tupac poem voice over has us baffled...
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For a man who has been dead for 16 years, Tupac does seem to be an awfully busy man. First he appeared via hologram alongside Snoop Dogg in Coachella earlier this year and now he's collaborating with car manufacturer Ford to help advertise their 2013 model Fusion.

Okay, so while he may not exactly be devoting an entirely new song to a product like some rappers do (looking at you Nelly and Nike Air Force Ones), the new Ford Fusion advert does use Tupac's poem "The Rose That Grew From Concrete".

A Ford spokesman says that the ad delivers a "riveting message to the African American community" and that Mr. Shakur   is an "ambassador for the dispossessed."

You can find the ad below. We're still scratching our heads over this one....