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Freeview TV direct to your iPhone or iPad anytime, anyplace.
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The Tizi Mobile TV Hotspot is a little shiny black box about the same size as a small feature phone. Out of the top pops a spindly aerial, which catches the TV signal where you are and pushes it straight to your iPad or iPhone via the Tizi app.

The idea is to get TV wherever you are, via the Tizi TV hotspot. However, it’s currently only available for iOS devices, and there are no plans to port it across to Android. Christian Dallmayer, Equinux Director of Marketing and PR, said there were no plans to make an Android version, as the company had traditionally focused on Apple products and accessories.

The app lets you see what’s on now and next, and there’s also a useful progress bar that tells you how much of the current show is left. You can also listen to Freeview radio stations, and there’s also a record feature. Because you’re watching shows direct from the TV signal, there’s no loss of quality either, so you record at the same quality as the TV signal transmits.

The Tizi record feature is controlled via the UI on the app, and it records the live TV you’re watching to your iPad or iPhone. The battery is rechargeable via a USB connection to your computer, and it lasts for around 3.5 hours. It’s currently exclusive to Apple, but will be available elsewhere from January.

Price $230

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