Twats On Tinder: 9 Of The Biggest Bellends You'll Hopefully Never Meet

The best Tumblr we've seen this week; if you ever meet any of these Tinder twats, please punch them for us...
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Twat #1


The fishbowl: drinking vessel of choice for wet-behind-the-ears teens in Shagaluf as they try and swap their own right hand for an actual vagina. The shots look weaker than a 90 year old lady in an arm wrestle too; back to the Tinder drawing board lads.

Twat #2


'Oh, hello; how unfortunate that you caught me at this unexpected moment and how strange that I managed to find time to tense my abs.'

Twat #3


How prescient a tagline: 'uh-oh' indeed. Only 5 miles away, let's just hope that horse is trotting away rather than towards you.

Twat #4


If this 'International man of mystery' is intentionally taking his glasses off like Horatio Caine in CSI: Miami then he's a total legend, but I doubt it...


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Twat #5


He probably nicked it when no one was looking. And if he did pay for it, no one fucking cares.

Twat #6


You are not James Bond. Stop showing off.

Twat #7


Maybe we can use that padlock to lock him away in a cupboard?

Twat #8


Is he even old enough to drink that vodka? The fact that the sparkler makes him look like a 12 year old on Bonfire Night doesn't help either.

Twat #9


Slicing through that wedding cake like he just sliced through his marriage's future.