Twitter Reacts To The Release Of Scumbag Ched Evans

It's not pretty, I'll be honest.
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Rape is bad, right? That’s just like one of those things that everyone agrees with. Rape is a bad thing, and typically, rapists in this country are held in the lowest ranks of society, rendered outcasts for the rest of their lives off the back of their horrible, unforgivable crimes.

Unless, of course, you’re a footballer. And not just any footballer - an OK footballer for Sheffield United. Turns out, if you’ve ever been in the PFA League One Team of the Year, you can still expect support – adoration, even – after your rape conviction. Football fans can be a weird bunch.

Today marks the release of Welsh international superstar Ched Evans – the ‘Rhyl Town Centre One’ – from Wymott Prison, and already, Twitter has been kicking off over it. Ched’s supporters, never the classiest bunch to start with, have been celebrating his 'long walk to freedom' like mad, even going so far as to call the day ‘Chedmas’.

Some have expressed well-wishes to Ched in their own roundabout way, and have sent him their love and kind words.

Others have decided to show Ched in happier times, looking at ease during less eventful nights out.

One particular family decided to step the Chedmas festivities up a notch, and bake themselves a #FreeChed cake.

This tops it all though, by far. Some lad has shot down all the competition by getting ‘Free Ched’ tattooed on him. I have no words, to be honest. I’m done. I’m going for a lie down.

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