Exhbition: 42 Minutes Doing Nothing Important At All

A bunch of super cool photographs by a super cool photographer in a *pretty cool* part of town, you say?
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Young Lithuanian Vaiva Katinaityte has travelled across Europe, recently settled in a small corner London, and has wasted no time in showing off her photography in a new show deep in the heart of that London's trendy Hoxton.

According to the artist herself her work "might fall under the genres of landscape, still life and portraits" and that she's "hunting for what we usually lack in our daily routine: calmness, aesthetics, surprises and shared experiences" - all we know is that the pictures look aces.

Vaiva's previously had her work exhibited in Lithuania and the National Gallery in Prague, as well as being a finalist at the Elle photo competition at Prague Fashion Weekend, and now she's popping up at The Things We Love (245 Hoxton Street, N1 5LG London, United Kingdom) on the 3rd of July, 7pm. Exhibition will last for 2weeks.

For more information please contact: vaiva.katinaityte@gmail.com or dalstoncycles@gmail.com

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