Vi-Spring Monarch Bed

The benefits of a good night’s sleep have long been known, but often with work commitments or late nights out, getting your 7 or 8 hours isn’t always possible.
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Luxury bed maker, Vi-Spring, however have decided to launch a bed that even the most gregarious night owls would eschew the most glamorous parties to return home to. Designed exclusively for Harrods and tailor-made using the finest natural materials, the Monarch mattress is filled using exceptional materials, including lambswool, mohair, cashmere and, for the first time, exotic bamboo fibre for its silk-like qualities. Filled with 3,420 springs for cushion-like comfort and support, the mattress and divan are both covered in exclusive fabric of the highest quality, carefully sewn by hand. The divan base contains a further 1,598 hand nested springs in calico pockets, the timber frame made using wood sourced from renewable pine forests. Said to be the bed of choice for David Beckham, all this opulence can be yours for £24,275.