Vintage Woodcuttings Of Hollywood's Finest

We were sat there wondering where we could find some ace woodcuttings of Bukowski, JFK, Steve Buscemi and co when these fell into our lap. Here Loren Kantor explains the origin of his passion...
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Back in the 80's, I attended a gallery show at the Los Angeles County Museum that featured woodcut prints from the German Expressionist movement.  I fell in love with the bold, brusque lines and stark imagery. I sought out woodcut artists but they were hard to find.  My wife bought me a woodcutting setup for my birthday. I viewed a few online tutorials then dove into the process headfirst.

Being a fan of old movies and needing art for my walls, I began carving classic movie actors and vintage posters. The process was challenging and I made my share of mistakes, but I stuck with it.  Soon, I was carving prints of my friends and cultural figures I admired.

A woodcut takes anywhere from 50-70 hours depending on the image.  Once a line is carved you're stuck with it so you learn to embrace your "mistakes." I work in a small space in my home in Hollywood.  I've experimented with a multitude of carving surfaces: wood, linoleum, sintra and rubber. My fingers are covered with callouses and cut scars, but I view these pridefully as "war wounds." My next series is a collection of Beat Generation writers including Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs and Richard Brautigan.

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