VisionRacer VR3 Gaming Chair

Why play Gran Turismo 5 with a hand controller when you can immerse yourself in a this high end racing seat
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Steering wheels have been popular for some time now for racing games. Indeed it’s the best way to play them. But the best way to use or house them has been open to debate, and there’s been a lot of creative solutions offered, with varying degrees of success. The VisionRacer VR3 is the latest and probably the best yet.

It’s a self-assembly kit, so fans of Lego or Meccano will love it. With the various parts, leather tool kit and instructions it won’t take more than a morning to put together or as VisionRacer say themselves “build your new race car”. This bit, if you’re that way inclined, is part of the fun.

Once assembled you can adjust the VR3 to the optimum ‘driving position’ as the seat slides backwards and forwards and the height can be adjusted. When that’s done, it’s off to the starting grid.

It’s almost as if you’ve got a Formula One or rally car in your living room, and it brings any racing game to life. Finally the physics that have been programmed so painstakingly into these games can truly be felt and appreciated in a way that’s just not possible using a handheld controller.

This isn’t going to be for everyone though. At $900 and the size of a large Go Kart it’s not something you’ll want taking up your living room when you’re not using it, even though the polished stainless steel chassis does make it rather stunning to look at.

It is however the ultimate games accessory, and if you do have the money and the space you need to get one ordered along with your copy of GT5.

Price $899