Vita Audio R4 Music System

The Vita Audio R4 is a music system for the modern age and follows in the footsteps of their award winning DAB radios.
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The UK engineered R4 comprises of a compact disc player, DAB/FM radio and integrated iPod dock and rather than opting for cheap looking plastics, the handcrafted cabinets of the Vita Audio R4 employ either warm, tactile real wood veneers or dashing piano lacquer finishes complemented by the cool touch of pressed steel panels. A great design touch comes in the shape of the control system, rather than a confusing mass of buttons Vita Audio have developed an easy to use RotoDial control system, and in a rather natty touch the RotoDial can be removed to use as a remote handset. With 80 watts of output, state of the art components and a downward facing subwoofer, the R4 offers a sound that belies the system’s compact dimensions, being more akin to that normally found from hi-fi separates, and all for just £500.