We've Been Expecting You...James Bond Goes Scalextric

Bond and cars are best friends, so it made sense for Scalextric to bring out a unique range to tie in with the release of the latest Bond release, Skyfall...
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Fast cars are as much as feature of James Bond films as gadgets, guns and dodgy Russian accents.  The folk over at Scalextric have taken note of this and teamed up with the makers of the latest Bond flick Skyfall to release two extra special versions of their toys for boys and bigger boys.

The micro set offers the chance for the trigger happy would-be Bond to race two classic Bond cars against each other, in what the hyperbolic among you might declare the ‘race of the century’. It pits the famous DB5, made most famous by Sean Connery in Goldfinger, against the DBS from Quantum Of Solace on a track that has some snazzy (not to mention dangerous) looking jumps.


If being a baddie is more your style then then you can pick up the larger set in which you’ll be able to get your zoom on in the Range Rover Vogue SE against the classic DB5. For the super-collectors out there there’s also a limited edition twin pack set of the DB5 and Range Rover, with bespoke packaging and in-car lighting, which will be sure to get the neighbours cooing.


Prices for the sets start at £44.99 for the original DB5 and DBS, £84.99 for the twin pack and £119.99 for Range Rover and DB5 set.  They will come out around the time of the film’s release in November and will all be available on the Scalextric website, so you’ve got plenty of time to get your thumbs and forefingers warmed up before then.

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