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Red Dwarf, James Bond and Ian Hislop, why wouldn't you want to know what's on this week?
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Tuesday 2nd October

Live UEFA Champions League (Sky Sports, 7pm and ITV, 7:30pm)

“All aboard the Cluj coach” as Manchester United travel to Romania for the second round of group H fixtures. After a shocking result on the weekend, an injury-plagued United look to continue their success in Europe with a resurgent Rooney at the helm.

The night’s fixtures also see Chelsea travel to Scrabble-fans favourites and Champions League newcomers FC Nordsjaelland. Buoyed by their excellent victory at the Emirates, the Blues hope to recover from their previous match, where they carelessly dropped points against Juventus, and push on to reclaim their title.

Ian Hislop’s Stiff Upper Lip – An Emotional History of Britain (BBC 2, 9pm)

Regular Have I Got News For You panelist Ian Hislop casts his (private) eye on British history with talented wit and sarcasm he is renowned for. The three-part series explores how British people have expressed their feelings throughout history.

Wednesday 3rd October

Live UEFA Champions League (Sky Sports, 7pm)

No Premier League team is safe this season and no team has defined that more than Manchester City who lost concentration in their previous Champions League fixture and crashed out of the Capitol One Cup due to a lacklustre performance. If they have serious ambition of promoting themselves as a dominant force in English and European football, they’ll have to put in a better performance as hosts to German champions Borussia Dortmund.

Perception (Watch, 9pm)

The pilot episode of new US series that follows a eccentric neuroscientist Dr. Daniel Pearce who is contracted by the government to solve complex cases. From that brief synopsis, it’s very clear that it’s borrowing everything from House, but these US television series are very well made and their formulaic narratives make for easy entertainment.

Thursday 4th October

Hunted (BBC 1, 9pm)

Hunted can be summed up in a sentence: It’s the belated espionage thriller that will fill the Spooks-shaped hole in BBC’s scheduling.

Red Dwarf (Dave, 9pm)

With Dave becoming increasingly popular for its repeats of television classics and being granted funding for its own shows, it was almost inevitable that it would eventually reunite old shows in a Justin Lee Collins manner. After a three-part special in 2009, the sci-fi comedy returns for its tenth series.

Friday 5th October

Sky Movies: James Bond (Sky Showcase, 8am)

I tend to avoid mentioning films within my articles, because I don’t want to step on Top Film Tips weekly articles, but this week I couldn’t. It’s the opening day of Sky’s new James Bond channel to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Ian Fleming series. ITV have held the rights for ages, but now all 22 films will be shown (Advert Free!) in glorious high definition. In preparation for Mendes’ forthcoming Skyfall I’ll be rewatching them all and I recommend you do the same.

Modern Family (Sky 1, 8pm)

The best and funniest comedy series on television returns for its fourth series. If you haven’t been watching it; you must.

Saturday 6th October

Live Football (Sky Sports 2, 12:30pm and ESPN, 4:30pm)

With the mid-week Champions League action out of the way, attention returns to the Premier League with an interesting double-bill. Manchester City host Sunderland in the early kick off, before Arsenal travel to West Ham in the evening.

Merlin (BBC 1, 7:45pm)

Thankfully a poorly written Doctor Who is now finished until Christmas (though I am obviously delighted with the previous episodes’ finale). Taking its Saturday evening slot is a new series of the fantasy drama Merlin. Though the previous series didn’t match up to the others, the show remains blissfully entertaining for all the family.

Sunday 7th October

Super Sunday (Sky Sports 1, 1pm)

What else than Super Sunday to round off a week jam-packed with football? The day’s matches are Southampton vs. Fulham and Newcastle United vs. Manchester United.

Live T20 World Cup Final (Sky Sports 2, 2:30pm)

With so many teams playing well and every match having the possibility to go either way it’s impossible to predict who will be in the final, let alone win it. All we know for sure is that it will be fantastic excitement from start to finish. Come on England!

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