6 Things To Do With £9m

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Maria Casino have more than £11,423,355 worth of jackpots on their site at the moment, which begs the question: just how would you spend all that money? Here's a few ideas to get you started. 

1) Make A Weather Control Machine

Never have to worry about flooding in August again. Just one turn of a dial will guarantee sunshine for your BBQs and snow on Christmas Day. 

2) Buy A Private Island

Despite your best efforts, you may find that a weather control machine is actually beyond the means of science. Don't let that ruin your sun-drenched dreams. Just buy your own Pacific island instead. Job done. 

3) Sign A Footballer

£11m would get you a decent Premiership striker for your Sunday league side these days. Just imagine the looks as he slots in his 58th goal of the season to put you 20 points clear at the top. 

4) Get A Rapper To Do A Guest Feature

Want Snoop Dogg to follow you around for a week adding skits to your conversations? Just sort out a day rate with him and away you go. Hip hop heaven. 

5) One Word: Hoverboards

They were a vision of the future from '80s sci-fi flicks. We were supposed to have them by now. What's the hold up? Hoverboards obviously just need investment from somebody who grew up watching Back To The Future. That could be you.

6) Put On A Festival 

With that kind of budget you could quite possibly get The Rolling Stones to share a stage with a hologram of Tupac, all in your back garden. 

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