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J.J. Connolly's follow-up to Layer Cake has been released in paperback and it's ace. Win a copy here...


J.J Connolly's first novel, Layer Cake, was simply a great British crime novel that turned into a great British crime film and catapulted Daniel Craig onto the A-List. When Sabotage Times Editor James Brown interviewed the author last year on the release of the follow-up, Viva La Madness, he had this to say...

"I personally think it’s better than Layer Cake. The writing is more controlled, more practiced. I’m very happy with it and people who’ve read it, whose option I value, have genuinely loved it, and really got what I tried to do. It’s always a risk to revisit something that works well already and try and capture it again but I thought the world, main character, his voice, the whole scene was too good not to. I also wanted to get into global crime, big-time drug smuggling, money laundering and financial frauds – not literally of course – but to explore all that skullduggery. I wanted be more expansive, to drive faster, up the ante. Viva is deeper in a good way… All those underlying psychological themes and shit, man!"

To celebrate the launch of the paperback version, we have five copies to give away. All you need to do is Tweet us the answer to this question @SabotageTimes and we will pick the winners at random...

Q - What was The Duke's girlfriend's name in the film Layer Cake?

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Viva La Madness: Sopranos Meets The Long Firm

Viva La Madness: Sopranos Meets The Long Firm

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