Woodstock: Stunning Pictures From Music's Most Iconic Festival

Missed out in 1969? You probably did - live vicariously through this ace new book and exhibition...
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Where women were allowed to be free and where men were men but also looked a bit like women, it also became the most legendary festival in music history. Not even 2009's V Festival could compete with that.

Not one of the over half-a-million young people that ran riot in White Lake, New York that week could've known that they would be a part of history.

Luckily hindsight's a magical thing and Reel Art Press are releasing Woodstock, a brilliant 192-page book jam packed with iconic pictures by the almost-equally-iconic Baron Wolman, Rolling Stone magazine's first ever photographer, to mark the festival's 45th anniversary.

Some of the photos will also be exhibited at Shoreditch's Forge & Co gallery. Watch the Q&A with Michael Lang and Baron Wolman here.

Cool, right?

Baron Wolman's book Woodstock is available to pre-order now.

The Woodstock exhibition will run from 27th June until 18th July at Forge & Co, London, E1.

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Images © Baron Wolman /www.reelartpress.com

Woodstock by Baron Wolman is published by www.reelartpress.com RRP £29.95.

An exhibition of Baron Wolman's Woodstock photography will be at Forge & Co Gallery, London E1 from 27 June to 8 July.