World's First Ice Casino Blueprints Commissioned By Gala

The first ever Ice Casino is to be built in Sweden this November, in plans released by Gala Casino.
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Joining forces with the Institute of Polar Science and AP & Ril Architects, the first blueprints and design sketches of the casino have been revealed, with many in both of the building and gaming industries heralding the concept as a pioneering feat of engineering.

Gala Casino’s planning director Flora Lopis sees the project has been a ground breaking opportunity for the company, and one that will set them above from the rest:

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“A Gala Ice Casino makes perfect business sense. Players who perform better will keep returning. They can arrive in style by Skis, sled or snowmobile James Bond style, no other casino offers this unforgettable experience. Plus each year as the building melts, we’re not left with any high running costs to cover.”

The unique location in the arctic region of Sweden will allow players to try out their favourite casino game whilst gazing up at the iconic Northern Lights. To add to the night time experience, the venue will become awash with the same colours seen brightening up the night sky.

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But Gala were not content in just having the building being made from ice – everything from the furnishings, gaming tables and cocktail glasses will all be made from the frozen material. The whole project is set to use a huge 1.4 tonnes of ice, and over 200 specialised workers from a host of technical backgrounds will be employed to ensure the construction runs as smoothly as possible.

Alongside the labourers, 50 skilled sculptors and artists will be on hand to attend to the finer details of the overall build, including creating the dice and gaming chips, as well as the trimmings of the furnishings.

An area for concern in the original blueprints was the risk of the ice cracking, but AP & Ril have cleverly introduced “freeze-dryers” to the project. Using a form of liquid nitrogen mixed with a small percentage of a rubber-esque material, any potential damages can be instantly repaired and made strong to hold the weight of the ice on top of it.

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Gala called on the expertise of Professor Ross Bight at London’s Institution of Polar Science to see if their ice casino dream was a feasible idea. By undertaking focus groups where subjects would be put climate controlling rooms, they would be asked to play casino games whilst facing temperatures as high as 21 degrees, and as low as -5.

The results of the study supported Gala’s proposals, as it was found that the participants’ gaming improved whilst being subject to colder temperatures. Professor Bight commented on the findings stating:

“We monitored the performance of the players and found significant differences when the temperature reached the lowest point. Players were concentrating more, making more calculated decisions and ultimately racking up significant winnings, compared to the games conducted in warmer temperatures.”

With construction set to commence in November, Gala will open the doors to the first ever Ice Casino in December and, depending on the weather, hope the building can last into mid-spring.