Worms 3 iOS: A Holy Hand Grenade Of Gaming Goodness

Classic multiplayer strategy game Worms is back with another iteration for the iPhone App store. Expect missed train stops and drained battery life with this addictive new entry.
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"Oi! Nutter!" The two words that come to mind anytime mentions the word "Worms". The series has become famous for its easily accessible and surprisingly deep levels of gameplay and strategy. As Team17 go from strength to strength with their additions to the series, Worms 3 for iOS is no exception.

Team17 released Worms 2 for the iOS, and while a loving homage to quite possibly the most popular installment of the series, controlling it was a test of attrition which made things frustrating when trying to get the most out of the medium. This time around the entire control system has been overhauled with clear and concise instructions and a very in depth tutorial to show you the ins and outs of everything from ninja rope tactics to wind  dynamics and even explains some of its new additions.

The series is thankfully sticking to its roots of turn based multiplayer warfare, the tweaks that have been brought to the tablet this time around is the addition of the class system first brought to light in the successful XBL release of Worms Revolution, but more on that later. The name of the game when it comes to transferring console based games to the iOS is CONTROL. If the game completely follows its console roots, and includes everything it ever had and more, it means nothing if the game cannot be controlled.

There is not much to speak of in terms of story as Worms has always been at its core a multiplayer game, there is a single player campaign, he use of sound differs very little from its roots, grenades go boom, sheep go baah.


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This time around the game includes what are called playing cards, these cards can be earned through gameplay currency and up to three can be played each turn, this time around you can make surfaces more slippery, remove retreating times if someone sets off a mine, or make it so enemies are completely unable to pick up weapon crates scattered around the map. This brings a whole new level of gameplay to Worms, allowing for more in depth strategies, combining cards with worm positions and available weapons for the most devastating results.

One of the most instrumental ingredients to keeping Worms a fresh experience is the addition of variety, worms have chosen to add variety this time through its own class system, your little warriors are now divided into four categories, Soldier, Scout, Scientist and Heavy .Each of the four classes are perfectly balanced and add a whole new level of meaty gameplay and strategy to Worms already heaving dinner table, whereas once upon a time the ability to perfectly execute a string of ninja rope Swings and finish with dynamite to an opponents face was the height of skill, now it comes down to careful balancing of your support, heavy, scout and soldier classes, and the best part of it all is if you don't want to do any of it, you don't have to. Simply make a team full of your standard soldier Worms and it's like nothing has changed at all.

The class system itself is a welcome addition to the game series, you have your standard worms (Soldiers), your Support/Engineering worms (Scientists) who create stronger buildings and regain health for all your other worms, your damage dealing and taking tank worms (Heavy), or your nimble super quick Scout worms, and believe me, these little buggers zoom around the level and throw themselves over huge distances, it’s really a sight to behold.

With the iOS market booming with popular games (And ripoffs of popular games) always in demand, Worms 3 has made its mark, with its deep gameplay, perfect control system and extensive multiplayer capabilities, it is one to add to any iOS library.

Keep grindin.