10 Songs To Keep You Going At The Gym

Staring the New Year with a fitness bang? Can't face watching Sky Sports while on the rower? This playlist will help...
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1) Push It To The Limit – Paul Engemann

Those who have watched Scarface or played Grand Theft Auto: Vice City will instantaneously recognise this song. Cruising through the mean streets of “Miami” on Flashback 95.6, I often saw my urge to kill fade whenever Engemann's voice bellowed out across the radio

Nevertheless, when trudging through the last few minutes of a hardcore running session, 'Push It To The Limit' will see the remaining time on the treadmill tick down to zero before you know it. A must have when burning off those Christmas calories.

2) Hearts On Fire – John Cafferty

From the famous training montage in Rocky IV, with Sly hiking up mountains and performing the most impossible of sit ups as Drago works out in his modernised Soviet gym.

Whenever this scene emerges on the film, I often feel an unequivocal need to exercise. Part of my iPhone's gym playlist, more often than not I pump the treadmill incline setting to the top before exclaiming “DRAGOOOOO” when the timer reaches zero, much to the bemusement of fellow members.

3) Holding Out For A Hero – Bonnie Tyler

If you haven't seen Old School yet, you need if just for the Bonnie Tyler segment when the wedding band sings 'Total Eclipse Of The Heart'. However, while the slow melodies are likely to inspire you, 'Holding Out For A Hero' most certainly will.

The fast paced action, while the idea of being that hero, will get the heart pumping and the endorphins released like you wouldn't believe. Like the aforementioned duo, it's ideal when you need that final push to make it to the end of the session.

4) Hungry Like The Wolf – Duran Duran

Let me get this out in open first – I love Duran Duran. 'Rio' and 'A View To A Kill' are possibly two of my favourite songs of theirs from the past. However, when it comings to gymming it up, nothing tops 'Hungry Like The Wolf'.

A running song, this most definitely is, especially with it available on 101 Running Songs. Much like the above anthems, it's a tune that will bolster the need to go running, especially in the murkiest, wettest of evenings.

5) It's My Life – Bon Jovi

Another effort to really get the juices flowing when smashing out some cardio, 'It's My Life' is one of the finest at inspiring to reach the finish line before the much welcomed cool down.

Another personal favourite of mine that has seen me reach my target, it's basically a pre-set on the gym playlist that will inspire one to reach the finish line on the treadmill.


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6) Viking Death March – Billy Talent

Moving into the present, Billy Talent's latest album 'Dead Silence' may not have been their finest offering, but it produced one of my favourite songs of 2012 – 'Viking Death March'.

The anger you can sense from the Canadian rock band in their debut anthem of the album means the song is best when the going gets tough and the interval training kicks in. However, when it comes to lifting weights, this is a must have on any gym playlist.

7) She Wolf – David Guetta

One of the newer tracks on the playlist, 'She Wolf' is perfect for the long distance run. While dance music may not be to everyones taste, this David Guetta hit has dragged me through to the final push, even when the stitch has kicked into play.

Having previously declared my enjoyment of the song in the past, one Tweeter responded exclaiming it is her favourite song at the gym, which says it all really.

8) Greyhound – Swedish House Mafia

Possibly not to everyone's taste, but the underlying beat on 'Greyhound' see's this effort from Swedish House Mafia perfectly timed with the run on the treadmill or when increasing the stride-per-minute on the cross trainer.

Closely associated with the generic cardio music that most, if not all, gyms will utilise, it's still an anthem that will dominate my choice of running music, be it during the main bulk of the treadmill sprint or soothing enough to aid in the cooldown.

9) Left Behind – Slipknot

Moving to the more hardcore side of things, Slipknot make a welcome appearance in the list, for me anyway. The debut single of their album 'Iowa', 'Left Behind' has seen me channel my inner beast on more occasions than one.

While it can be utilised on the treadmill, this song has served my better while in the weights section of my gym, especially when bench pressing and in need of that final ounce of testosterone to ensure I complete the desired amount of reps.

10) Ich Will – Rammstein

Another personal choice, but 'Ich Will' is one a popular choice on my iPhone. Like 'Left Behind', it's really an acquired taste, but one to really bolster the testosterone levels.

While I've used this personally when running, I've always favoured the Rammstein song when doing weights, such is the anger associated with the tune, especially when lead singer Till Lindemann breaks into the final chorus.