5 More 'Other Bands From Liverpool' Who Aren't The Beatles Or Echo & The Bunnymen

We thought there was enough for another list, so here it is...
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Wah! Heat. Sambeko! Say Wah, JF Wah!, Just Plain Old Wah!

Liverpool’s very own Wall Of Sound. Spector On The Mersey. Pete Wylie, worth the price of a ticket purely for the one liners. The man who without which a music industry party just wasn’t a party. Plus One. But guess what? Wylie had the tunes to back it up. For a brief while there, Wylie touched greatness. The singles, Better Scream, Seven Minutes To Midnight, Remember, each one a step in the right direction, each one building on it’s predecessor and then, well, by God The Story Of The Blues.

If Ghost Town summed up the UK in 81, Story Of The Blues did the same for 82. A 24 karat anthem. Belted out at closing times the length and breadth of the country. The criminally under appreciated Hope and the triumphant return that was Come Back, a plea to those who’d left the city of Liverpool and by extension, The North. Wylie wouldn’t let the bastards grind him down. A broken back and subsequent lengthy recuperation as the wheels of the music industry turned faster and faster kept Wylie out of the spotlight. A return, the single Sinful as big and bold as ever. Guest slots with The Farm. Wylie’s still out there strumming his six string and about to go into the studio to record a new album. He’s a maverick. Treasure him.

The Wild Swans

Revolutionary Spirit, 12 inch only, recorded in mono. Tell me that’s not cool? Ex Teardops keyboard player Paul Simpson stepping up to the mike. A beautiful voice, big and about as 80s as it gets. With line up changes and lengthy gaps between releases The Wild Sawns might be the ultimate Liverpool cult band. Responsible for one of the greatest Peel Sessions (that’s Saint John, kids) of all time.

The Lotus Eaters

A bit precious for some, including me truth be told but, if all they ever released was one single, The First Picture Of You is a finer achievement than many could ever wish to, err, achieve. 1983 a time when a band could have a hit single before they’d even played a gig; if it was a fucking brilliant song that is. It is and they did.

The Pale Fountains

Where to start? Two fantastic albums, Pacific Street and Across The Kitchen Table. Signed to massive maybe even crippling advance, let loose with an orchestra, an orchestra!!! They made beautiful music that’s probably appreciated more today due to the enduring greatness of head Fountain Mick Head of Shack (criminal lack of) fame.
Pale Fountains - Jean's Not Happening

The Real People

Forget anything you’ve read or heard about Oasis and just appreciate them for what they are, a damn fine pop group. Their debut album stands the test of time by virtue of the timeless nature of the songs. La, la, las and big guitars mark it as quintessentially Scouse. Enjoy. That’s what music is there for.