5 Music Acts To Say You Knew About First In 2012

With 2012 eagerly twitching on its starting blocks it’s time to turn our heads towards the music makers we will be publicly lauding and bumping ugly to in the coming year.
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The Warbler: Lana Del Rey

Not entirely box fresh, she’s racked up a decent amount of column inches in the closing months of 2011 with her Hollywood good looks and brooding single, Video Games. Providing nobody breaks up with Adele again anytime soon, Lana Del Rey will most certainly be the moody songstress straddling the mainstream and indie markets this year with her soothing soulful vocals and hypnotically luscious lips. The soundtrack to your new year make ups and break ups.


The ‘I knew them years ago’: The Black Keys

A band that have been around in one form or another for donkeys years but only just about seem to be getting their much deserved recognition. Following on from their previous album Brothers which tickled everybody’s attention back in 2010, their recent long player El Camino with lead single Lonely Boy is going to be ‘that album’ that everyone has in their cars this year. Nostalgic blues tinged rockers with hipster fashion credentials to boot, expect them to explode in a Kings Of Leon fashion very soon. Jump on them now before there next album see’s them pump out a bluesy Sex Is On Fire and the one after features music videos of them playing football in a third world country.


The Female with attitude: Azealia Banks

If you don’t know about this foul mouthed Harlem rapper yet you doubtlessly will over the next few months. Her favourite word is cunt and she throws insults that weigh heavier than the elephant in the corner of the recent X-Factor finals. She also happens to know her way around a hook and has an almost midas touch for impressing her peers and critics alike.  In her own words: “I’m fucking talented. Don’t disregard me cause I’ll be coming for your ass next.”


The folky ones with the beards: Dry The River

Already garnering much attention from the music press, the five piece have been dubbed as the saviours of the recently well trodden ‘new folk’ scene. Whatever that means, expect impressive vocal harmony’s with a hint of Bon Iver and occasionally Sigur Ros over plucky guitars and violins that build together in a momentous fashion that yearns to be yelled in valleys and fields everywhere. The songs of students that think themselves thoughtful and in touch with their emotions and beard loving earthy-hipster girls that work in libraries.


The hipster ticklers: Spector

The latest band from former Peaches Geldof beau Fred Macpherson, a busy 24 year old who has already been behind two other fairly impressive (but underachieving) bands, Les Incompetents and Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man . Spector are a suited and booted indie act that sound a bit like everything from Springsteen to Pulp and The Strokes – with catchy sing-a-long choruses to befit all three. Whilst they might not be anything you’ve never seen before and currently lacking the endearing swagger of Jarvis and Julian it would be foolish to ignore this foppish bunch of future indie idols.

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