6 Anthems For Asthmatics

The latest track from Foals, "Inhaler" is an anthem, a rallying cry for the wheezy ones. Here's five more cough-cough classics...
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Oxford’s finest are back with a bang. Foals’ stunning new single 'Inhaler' marks their more-than-welcome return – their first new music since 2010’s fantastic Total Life Forever. With its slow groove and angst-ridden vocals, it sees the quintet invent a new genre – goth-hop. “I can’t get enough space,” moans singer Yannis Philippakis, articulating the feelings of a generation of grumpy, disenfranchised British teenagers. Here, have a listen for yourself.

It’s a great song, and a tantalising teaser for their upcoming third album Holy Fire. What’s more notable about 'Inhaler,'  however, is that it belongs to a particular pantheon of songs which inadvertently celebrate the short-of-breath amongst us – asthmatics. With its title sort-of referencing an asthmatic’s greatest weapon against the dreaded lung disease, it’ll surely become an anthem, a rallying cry for the wheezy ones. This writer thinks it will, anyway, and he should know – he’s a long-suffering asthma-sufferer himself.

Here are five more cough-cough-classics…

Pink Floyd, Breathe

“Breathe, breathe in the air,” sings Floyd frontman Roger Waters on this prog-rock standard from the band’s famous Dark Side Of The Moon. Asthmatics the world over reply: “We’re trying, Rog! We’re bloody well trying!”

Peggy Lee, Fever

Specifically, hay fever.

Anything by Weezer

The Californian alt-rockers are allegedly named after frontman Rivers Cuomo’s childhood nickname, based on his asthma. Some of their songs might reference the condition too. We Are All On Drugs? We sure are – salbutamol, 2mg.

Everything Everything, Cough Cough

The eternal plight of the asthmatic condensed into three minutes and 42 seconds of perfect indie-pop.

Kate Bush, Running Up That Hill

Or, as asthma-sufferers would have it, Jogging Up That Hill, Then Stopping Halfway For A Rest And A Wheezing Fit.

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