A Rare Northern Soul Record Is Reaching Bids For Over £11K Online

Eleven. Thousand. Pounds.
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An ultra rare copy of Darrell Banks' Open the Door to Your Heart has already reached the £11,000 mark online as Northern Soul collectors go mad for "the rarest British soul record of all time".

The London Records release is thought to be the only copy of its kind in circulation, after originals were destroyed once EMI bought the track in 1966.

The owner has already turned down a £10,000 offer on the record. Bids on the RareSoulMan website currently stand at £11,227

Its discovery was tracked on a record collecting forum a few months back, with the owner and experts going through a long verification process to check the validity of the 'Holy Grail'. One collector and dealer Pete Smith posted "Hardened collectors are sobbing at the sight of it". Much to the delight of the rest of the internet.

If you were wondering what £11 grands worth of music sounds like, here it is, free of charge...


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