Happy Birthday Nate Dogg - It Still Ain't No Fun Without You

Five months on from the death of hip-hop's one true crooner, we pay tribute to the man who made every song better on what would've been his 42nd birthday...
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"We lost a true legend in hip-hop and R&B, you put the 'G' in 'G funk', the '1' in '213' and you put your stamp on everybody you ever did it with…" were the words of Snoop Dogg earlier this morning when it was announced that his childhood friend, Nate Dogg, had died after years of battling illness.

In a 20-year career that saw him appear on some of the greatest commercial hip-hop singles released, Nate Dogg performed the vital role of the bridge between MCs as the soulful crooning antidote to the harsher delivery styles of everyone from Tupac to Eminem via 50 Cent, Dr Dre, Ludacris and, of course, his old 213 bandmates Warren G and Snoop. The most fitting tribute that can be given is that he made every song he appeared on better. Our favourite might be his deliciously filthy performance on 'Ain't No Fun' from Snoop's Doggystyle, but there is no doubt that without his rich chocolate voice slowing it down and allowing the track to build to its next crescendo, hip-hop would've been, and indeed is, a much poorer place.

Ain't No Fun (if the homies can't get none)

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