Alan McGee: 50 Songs I Love

Back with a new label 359 Music, founder of Creation Records and all-round musical don Alan McGee picks out his best 50 tunes, from PiL to Curtis Mayfield.
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1. Pinball - Brian Protheroe

A one hit wonder from 74, I think he was an actor originally.

2. Make Me Believe In You - Curtis Mayfield

One of the great tunes; I love Curtis Mayfield, an absolute genius songwriter.

3. Sympathy For the Devil – The Rolling Stones

Says so much, am pretty sure Jagger lifted these lyrics from Kenneth Anger somewhere down the line though.

4. Under My Thumb - The Rolling Stones

A dance tune.

5. A Day In the Life - The Beatles

Beautiful sadness.

6. I Am the Walrus – The Beatles

The walrus was Paul!

7. Rain - The Beatles

Possibly the best B-side ever.

8. Suspicious Minds – Elvis

Best ever Elvis song, no doubt.

9. Family Affair – Sly

A true pop song.

10. Pretty Vacant – Sex Pistols

Glen wrote this entirely bar one line by Johnny Rotten.

11. Complete Control – The Clash

What a tune, just epic!

12. Heart and Soul - Joy Division

Beyond great.

13. Never Understand – Jesus and Mary Chain

Best tune they ever did.

14. City Slang - Fred Sonic Smith and the Rendezvous Band

Best ever punk rock single, fur sure.

15. Holocaust - Big Star

Sister Lovers as an album is peerless as is this tune.


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16. Horror Show – The Libertines

Peter foretelling the future.

17. Quicksand - David Bowie

Is David Bowie the son of Aleister Crowley?

18. Regret - New Order

Best bass line Hooky has ever done.

19. Higher Than the Sun – Primal Scream

I will die to this tune if I have any choice, it's a hymn.

20. Cortez the Killer - Neil Young

Neil Young is a religion.

21. Cinnamon Girl - Neil Young

He fucking rocks. Hard.

22. Backstabbers – The O-Jays

Funk the way it should go down.

23. Is This Love - Bob Marley

It’s just beautiful.

24. Beetlebum – Blur

Their best ever tune.

25. Billie Jean - Michael Jackson

Timeless track.

26. Let’s Face It – The Mighty Bosstones

He was a genius.

27. Sad Song – Oasis

I love this song an awful lot, one of Noel's best ever.

28. If I Had A Gun - Noel Gallagher

What a tune and what a return to form!

29. Like A 45 - Chris Grant

Chris Grant is an incredible talent, I love this tune

30. Working Class Hero - John Lennon

Again, what lyrics, he nails it.

31. God Save the Queen - Sex Pistols

Fuck the royal family, utter scum!

32. Love Spreads - Stone Roses

My favourite Roses track.

33. All Around the World - The Jam

I have always loved this tune.

34. Rescue - Echo and the Bunnymen

Great in 1980 and great now!

35. Superstition - Stevie Wonder

Just genius.


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36. Living In the City - Stevie Wonder

Absolute genius.

37. How Soon Is Now - The Smiths

Johnny Marr...Iconic.

38. The Headmaster Ritual - The Smiths

Moz, a genius.

39. Death Disco – PIL

Love this.

40. Poptones – PIL

Love this one too.

41. Painter Man - The Creation

Pop art.

42. Rain - The Cult

Ian Astbury is a force of nature, a true star in every way a human can be.

43. She Sells Sanctuary - The Cult


44. Dreaming of You - The Coral

A really great song by a really great band.

45. Waterloo Sunset - The Kinks

Best pop song ever?

46. Itchycoo Park - Small Faces

Brilliant and a great fucking band.

47. Celebrity Skin – Hole

What lyrics, Clove is a rock star.

48. Love Like Blood - Killing Joke


49. Hate To Say I Told You So – Hives

Their best ever song and they have many.

50. Fuck Forever – Babyshambles

Pete's best ever tune.