Atomic Floyd Air Jax Titanium 2 earphones

Developed by an international collective from New York, London and Hong Kong, the Atomic Floyd earphones are made for those who love to travel.
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Atomic Floyd founder James Strong saw a gap in the market for crafted earphones designed with skill that could be an object of beauty. The result of years of experimentation, invention, testing and crafting is the Air Jax Titanium 2 earphones. Light and flexible, they fit securely with an adjustable loop – or ‘angel wings’ - and come with an anti-tangle lead to keep things in order, as well as a stereo adapter and a beautiful leather pouch. Most importantly though is the sound, the heated treated 'acoustic steel', titanium and 24-carat gold audio jacks ensure they perform just as well as they look. High tones are crisp and the bass is rich and smooth. Priced at £120 The Air Jax Titanium 2 will make a noticeable difference when you plug them into your mp3 player of choice.