Beyonce's Back To Black & The 10 Worst Cover Versions Of All-Time

You're making my ears bleed! Why would you do this to me? It's just awful. You've butchered some classics, you horrible horrible people.
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Judging from the little bit we've heard on The great Gatsby trailer, Beyonce has made a bit of a pig's ear of Amy Winehouse's classic, but how does it stack up against these horror shows?

10) Wild Horses

Who? Susan Boyle

Released: November 2009

Chart Position: 9

Originally by the Rolling Stones, Boyle produces a dreary cover of the classic 1971 hit. Although many loved the runner up of Britain’s Got Talent’s version, it lacks any form of life. However, it still managed to reach Number 9 in the charts for a brief period after her performance on America’s Got Talent.

9) Fairy Tale of New York

Who? Ronan Keating and Moya Brennan

Released: November 2000

Chart Position: B-Side to The Way You Make Me Feel which reached Number 6

The Pogues are back every Christmas with the ‘Fairy Tale of New York’ which reached Number 2 when first released. Because of its success you seem to forget the cover versions. Most people will be happy to forget Boyzone member Ronan Keating’s version with unknown singer Moya Brennan. To make the song more family friendly there are many word changes throughout the song which is understandable but also takes away from the Christmas single.

8) Beat It

Who? Fall Out Boy featuring John Mayor

Released: April 2008

Chart Position: 21

Michael Jackson is the only person who can pull off this song, released in 1983. Fall Out Boy and John Mayor’s version will be better best forgotten, especially when you compare it to their other songs. Jackson’s classic single hit Number 3 but Fall Out Boy failed to hit the heights only scrapping number 21 in the UK chart. The video however, makes up for their terrible cover version.

7) One Way or Another

Who? One Direction

Released: March 2013

Chart Position: 1

This is the new comic relief single which reached Number One and all for a good cause. But, ‘why re-release One Way or Another?’ Is the question One Direction need to answer. This was released back in 1979 by Blondie. Unfortunately it is likely that most of their fan base will think they wrote this song themselves. Not only this but if you type “One Way” into Youtube, the first option is not “One Way Or Another – Blondie” it’s “One Direction.” Then with the added extra of Teenages Kicks, we are topped over the edge.

6) We Will Rock You

Who? Jedward

Released: N/A

Chart Position: N/A

After giving it a go on The X Factor during Queen Week, excitable twins Jedward believed it would be a good idea to record a studio version for their debut album ‘Planet Jedward.’ This surprisingly reached number 17 in the UK.


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5) Papa Don’t Preach

Who? Kelly Osbourne

Released: August 2002

Chart Position: 3

Many may have forgotten about Miss Osbourne’s music attempt. The video for ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ includes Kelly dancing quite awkwardly throughout. This was Number 1 for Madonna back in 1986. But Kelly’s version still charted highly at Number 3, her later songs however, failed to reach the top 10 apart from duet with dad Ozzy.

4) Satisfaction

Who? Britney Spears

Released: N/A

Chart Position: N/A

Britney covered the Rolling Stones 1965 ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’ on her Number 2 album from 2000, ‘Oops!... I Did It Again’, and it certainly was an ‘oops’ moment that should never be repeated again. Britney’s version is slower, presumably to show off her ‘vocals.’

3) Smells Like Teen Spirit

Who? Miley Cyrus

Released: N/A

Chart Position: N/A

‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ is not something many people can cover and someone you don’t expect to cover Nirvana’s track from 1991, is Miley Cyrus. Thankfully we were saved from this ever becoming a studio version but audiences around the world were treating to this screechy attempt of rock. Miley’s father Billy Ray Cyrus thinks this was a great tribute to Kurt Cobain, maybe he was listening to a different version?

2) A Whole New World

Who? Katie Price and Peter Andre

Released: December 2006

Chart Position: 20

Disney film Aladdin’s most famous song was surprisingly covered by ex-couple Katie Price and Peter Andre. If they didn’t already regret this attempt of singing, they will even more now after a public on-going feud and a sticky divorce. Shockingly reaching Number 20 in the charts, the song has never sounded so different. Katie and Peter delighted viewers to a cheesy performance of ‘A Whole New World’ on Children In Need which they mimed quite well.

1) Last Christmas

Who? The Only Way Is Essex Cast

Released: December 2011

Chart Position: 33

Wham’s classic Number 2 Christmas hit was butchered by the Only Way Is Essex back in 2011. It’s worrying to think that this tragic attempt charted in the top 40. Jessica Wright and James Argent, the ‘wannabe’ singers take the lead in what we would hope would be their only attempts in the music industry. Somehow this ‘Last Christmas’ doesn’t seem the type to reappear every Christmas. Thankfully.