Bob Dylan: A Life In Pictures

As Bob Dylan is nominated as the bookies favourite for the Nobel Literature Prize, these beautiful Barry Feinstein images present an intimate insight into the man forever tangled up in blue...
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Over an 11 year period from the 1963 cover photograph for The Times They Are A-Changin', via the incendiary 1966 world tour and ending with the 1974 tour, Barry Feinstein was given a level of access into the world of Bob Dylan that has been unmatched before or since. Dylan is famously reclusive, and especially unforgiving with people who pry into his personal life. As he sees it, he's a musician, and he'd prefer that his music - all 34 studio albums and innumerate live and bootleg recordings that contain some of the greatest songs committed to vinyl, tape and CD - did the talking.

Luckily, he respected Barry's work and the result was Real Moments, the stunning book of Dylan imagery from which the above images are taken. “The mutual trust, respect and friendship we had for each other are reflected in these photographs," says Barry. "I liked his work, he liked mine. He knew I would make him look interesting – and he was interesting. I knew I was in the presence of genius.”

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