Boris Blank: 50 Songs I Love

The 'Yello' musician counts down his top fifty tracks, taking us from Bobby Womack to Grace Jones, with a bit of Fat Boy Slim thrown in for good taste.
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1.   Bobby Womack  -  The Bravest Man In The Universe

This man is brave up to the present day.

2.   James Blake  -  The Wilhelm Scream

Bold in his art of minimalism.

3.    Pink Floyd  -  A Pillow of Winds

A favourite track of my heroes.

4.   Billy Mackenzie  -  Winter Academy

This song is Billy in its purity- God bless him.

5.  Tanita Tikaram  -  Twist Of My Sobriety.

Simply touching.

6. The xx -  Sunset

Just love that mood.

7.   The Normal  -  Warm Leatherette

Simply awesome "To the future through the past."

8.  Håkan Lidbo  -  Clockwise

Great humour - great track

9.   Lana Del Rey  -  Video Games

I feel an incredible heat in this song.

10. The Doors  -  Riders On The Storm

Another great mood.

11.  Beach Boys  -  Good Vibrations

For me one of those songs of the last century.

12. The Rolling Stones  -  Paint It Black

The Stones at their best.

13. Eric Burdon & War  -  Tobacco Road

White soul in black.

14.  Sergio Mendes  -  Mais Que Nada

Back to Ipanema.

15.  Tito Puente  -  Mambo Con Puente

The master of Mambo rhythm.

16.  Frank Sinatra  -  The Girl from Ipanema

Back to Rio de Janeiro with Frank. Awesome Big Band arrangements.

17.  Raymond Scott  -  Baltimore Gas & Electric Co

60 Years of electronic music - fantastic.

18.  M.I.A.  -  The Message

And M.I.A. 60 years later.

19.  Tim & Puma Mimi  -  Emoticon

Just love this track.

20.  Funkadelic  -  Music For My Mother

An almost forgotten time full of musical innovation. I wish this time comes back.

21.  James Brown  -  Doing It To Death

The real thing.

22.  The Temptations  -  Papa Was A Rollin Stone

What a story behind this wonderful music.

23.  Ursula Rucker  -  Ma At Mama

This lady pulls me into her spell.

24. Pink Floyd  -  Sysyphus Part 4

Back to my heroes. Awesome track.

25. The Beatles  -  Come Together

Let’s get together.


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26.  Black Sabbath  -  Planet Caravan

Roll another one - just like the other one.

27.The Stooges  -  Down On The Street

Where Punk started.

28.  Steppenwolf  -  Born to Be Wild

I'm still getting wild when I listen this song

29.  Fatboy Slim  -  The Rockafeller Skank

Brilliant sampling work !

30.  New Order  -  Blue Monday

I mean - a song like this.

31. Cream  -  Sunshine Of Your Love

Breeding ground for thousands of band on this planet.

32. Led Zeppelin- Whole Lotta Love

See comment above.

33.  Jimi Hendrix  -  If 6 Was 9

Oh yeah !

34.  Prince  -  Sexuality

This song still keeps me going.

35. C2C  -  Down The Road

No more words - I just like their style.

36.  Apollo 440  - The Future's What It Use To Be

Still very dynamic.

37.  Mattafix  -  Big City Life

Quite big this city.

38.  Michael Jackson  -  Billie Jean

Legendary awesome track.

39.  James Brown  -  Mother Popcorn

The language of his rhythm is unique, still unspoiled.

40.  Grace Jones  -  Corporate Cannibal

Untouchable mysticism.

41.   Manu Chao  -  Bongo Bong

Lovely summer evening in St. Tropez.

42.  Santana  -  Jingo

great combo - great memories.

43.  Erykah Badu  -  Telephone

Neo-Soul art at its best.

44.  Leonard Cohen  -  Here It Is

Just fell in love with this song.

45.  Little Dragon  -  Seconds

Strange brew.

46.  Feist  -  Now At Last

I like this constant increasing in this track.

47.  Finley Quaye  -  Even After All

This voice!

48.  Gil Scott-Heron -  New York Is Killing Me

Rough and loveable at the same time.

49.  Herbie Hancock  -  Sextant - Rain Dance

This man was responsible that i bought an ARP Odyssey synthesiser in 1979.

50.  Miles Davis  -  Blue In Green

The unmatched hero of my youth

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