Camp Bestival: As Reviewed By An 8-Year-Old

We wanted to send someone down to cover the family festival extravaganza, and there seemed no more perfect hack to cover it than the exact person the festival is aimed at...
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This is the third time I've been to Camp Bestival in my life.   I was 6 when I went last and this time it looked much busier.  On the way down the music we listened to in the car was the same music that was going to be playing at the festival.    We played Chic, Earth, Wind and Fire and The Happy Mondays.  I liked Chic the best because they sing one of my favourite songs, Everybody Dance. It is also one of my Mum's favourite songs.

When you first walk into Camp Bestival every activity and stage is crammed with people. Lots are are in fancy dress and wearing funny clothes.  I saw a man dressed as Mario and a woman dressed as Luigi from the Super Mario Brothers.  We also saw lots of Mums and Dads in silly disco gear.

There are so many different tents and so many different things going on, it would be impossible to write about everything there.  My favourite thing I saw was the jousting, which was a live action show with real horses and knights. There was loads of fighting and stunts on horses.  The best knight was Sir Gerrard who fought Sir Dimitri.  Sir Gerrard killed Sir Dimitri by stabbing him with a sword, though thankfully the actor wasn't really dead as he got up and smiled afterwards.

I liked watching Dick and Dom and my brother Albert, who is 4, liked Mr Tumble.  (They're all from the TV, if you didn't know.) The songs Mr Tumble did included Music Man, Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and The Goodbye Song.  I enjoyed it, but it was little bit childish for me.  I preferred Dick and Dom, who are really funny and silly.  They did a game where thet got the crowd to pass a banana and a massive ball to the edge of the crowd and back again.

We were also at the main stage when Chic were playing.  They were all dressed in white and looked very cool.  It was fun and my Dad and Uncle enjoyed it but I spent most of it playing football with some new friends I made.

My favourite bit of Camp Bestival was before this, when I got to meet Rob da Bank who is the organiser of it.  He was very nice though he must have been very busy, and had rainbow glitter on his face which I liked because I was wearing a moustache.  I met him backstage which was exciting and asked him 12 questions I had written down before.  Here is my interview with him.

Why are you called Rob da Bank?

Now that is a very good question and I don't have a very funny answer! I just needed a DJ name and someone said why don't you call yourself  Rob The Bank and then that became Rob da Bank.

Ha, okay.  Have you ever robbed a bank?

Not yet, but if the festival doesn't go too well this year then I might have to!

My brother Albert suggested we call you Snog da Bank.  Would you consider a name change?

Nice one Albert, thanks for that.  In a word, no.  I'm quite happy with my name, thank you very much Albert, cheeky boy.

How many people does it take to set up Camp Bestival?

A lot.  There's probably about 30 all year round, then there are hundreds of people working over the weekend.  Maybe 2 or 3 hundred.


Is that a good enough answer?

Yes. Do you know everyone's names?

No, unfortunately I don't.  I'm a bit rubbish with names, so I do a lot of waving and shouting 'hello mate.'

Okay, ha.  In all your years of setting up Camp Bestival, what is your favourite set?

Probably a band called The Cure who played at Bestival last year.  Oh, you mean Camp Bestival don't you?


Oh right, lets have a think... probably Primal Scream.  Band called Primal Scream, they're a rock and roll band.  Your Dad probably likes them.

Okay, erm, do you have a favourite year of the festival?

It's always the last year that we've done.  So this year is my favourite  at the moment as we've tried to improve things every year.

We were expecting you to say that.

Well, good.  It's the right answer then.

Because next year you'll probably say next year is your favourite, then the year after that you'll say that is your favourite.

Yeah, exactly. You know me too well.

You've got a kids area.  Why haven't you got an adults area where they can get away from the kids?

That is a very good question. Well I suppose we have really- when it gets dark we have some areas where the kids don't really go.

Oh yeah.

But it's nice in the daytime for everyone to be having a good time together I think.

Yeah I think so...tonight there are lots of disco bands playing.  Will you be able to throw some moves?

No, absolutely not.  Don't ask me to DJ.  I'm a DJ who can't dance.

Where did you get the idea for Camp Bestival?

Well we got the idea when we started having children, and we thought it would be cool to start up a festival for families and people with kids.

Other than your own, what is your favourite festival?

Glastonbury, definitely.  It gave me a lot of inspiration for setting up Bestival and Camp Bestival, so it's definitely Glastonbury for me.

You and Nile Rodgers both have very long hair.  Will you be sharing haircare tips?

Ha.  Maybe yeah.  I love Nile and I think his hair is cooler than mine.  I'll have a chat with him tonight and see what shampoo he uses.

Okay.  That's all I've got.

Cool.  Thanks for meeting me Sam, great questions!

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