Casual Connoisseur Northern Music Factory T-shirt

All the best music's from the North isn't it? Well it is according to this new Casual Connoisseur T-shirt
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What better way to express your love of the North's musical heritage than via a lovely cotton T-shirt?

The ever inventive chaps at Casual Connoisseur have come up with these cracking T-shirts featuring the iconic Factory records image made up of the names of the best bands of the last 30 years. And Arctic Monkeys. All of which are, quite naturally, from the North.

A great conversation point in the pub as you reminisce with your mates about a time when music was music, remembering the gigs, nightclubs and associated antics.

Available in a variety of colours, you can get yours now for £28 delivered from And if that's not enough you also get a free button badge. Double double good.