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Free art, cool music and a sofa that the artist wants us to have sex on? Sounds like the type of party we don't want to miss.
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Twenty years ago Steve Piccolo, co-founder of the seminal band Lounge Lizards, was a stalwart of the New York underground scene, a regular at Warhol’s Factory. Now Piccolo wants to recreate some of that decadent energy in London with Club 21 – Remaking the Scene a ten-day show in which sound and experimental artists from around the world take up residency from October 13th to 23rd. The free-entry venue lis aiming  to be a non-commercial centre of creativity, where something new happens every day, right next door to the solidly commercial Frieze Art Fair.

You will be able to walk through the door into what looks like a vintage nightclub lobby, plastered with photos from art scenes such as New York in the 1980s, Perestroika-era St Petersburg, and the British and California punk scenes and artist-run occupied spaces in Milan. Piccolo has invited a number of outstanding composers and sound experimenters to contribute recorded pieces. Artist Jota Castro will show a huge sofa that he hopes visitors will have sex on. So if you're a lazy perverted extrovert into free art and cool music this could be your thing.

Club 21 – Remaking the Scene

One Marylebone, 1 Marylebone Road, London NW1 4AQ

October 13–23, 2010

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