Coco's 6 Favourite RnB Bangers

We got the Sheffield Grime artists to put some sexy tunes in a playlist for us.
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1 - Sounds of Blackness - Optimistic

My mum used to play this song in the yard when I was younger and still today it gives me the same feeling. It hasn't lost its essence and it's timeless. WHA DIS

2 - Soul For Real - Candy Rain

I'm a 90's baby and this is one of the earliest songs that made me feel like i was ‘that guy’.

3 - Charles & Eddy - Would I Lie To You

One of the first records I remember that made me wanna get up and dance. I remember the artwork clearly, another record from my mum's collection I loved.

4 - Seal - Kiss From Rose

This record is so definitive for me simply because it has so much emotion. Around the time of this record was a similar time to when I started to produce and appreciate instrumentation.

5 - Craig David & Sting - Rise & Fall

Always been a fan of Craig David. When I heard him do this collaboration it wasn't the type of artist I expected him to link up with, but it worked and showed me you can mix up styles and make it work.

6 - Shola Ama - You might Need Somebody

Staple record in my household growing up in Sheffield. My mum was and still is a big fan of Shola and I cant believe I’ve now made a record with her, Waters Run Deep.

Listen to Coco & Shola Ama's new track below