Cool Runnings: 10 Cliche-Free Jogging Tunes

Want to feel the burn without having to jam your lucozade in your ear? Well ditch the hip-hop and the Rocky soundtrack and check in here.
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Summer is here. Time to get fit. The cheapest, most organic way to go from James Corden to Cristiano Ronaldo is jogging.

You’ll need tunes to aid the slog, but don’t fall into the clichéd traps. Jogging music doesn’t have to be numbskull modern hip hop from thugs boasting about cars (readers under 30 might not know this, but rappers once wrote thought-provoking songs about serious social issues). And you can body swerve Eye of the tiger.

These songs from the greats are a classier soundtrack for light jogging, competitive trotting or energetic runs. MOVE!

Frank Sinatra

Move smoothly through the early gears to the super crooner with LA is my lady(3:12).

Dean Martin

Dino was too cool to jog, but that doesn’t mean you can’t to Mambo Italiano (2:17).

Bob Marley

No stranger to a football pitch, Bob’s best song for keeping warm is Coming in From the Cold (4:31).

Julio Iglesias

A tireless athlete in the sporting or romantic arena, get fit to Julio’s cheerful Pajaro Chogüi (2:16).

The Doors

Jim Morrison died a fat, messy tramp. But you won’t if you shuttle sprint to Peace Frog (2:51).

Elvis Presley

No one can resist a pelvis wiggle while running to Bossa Nova Baby (2:02).

Curtis Mayfield

Once in your rhythm, this scary, relentless offering will keep you in your groove: (Don’t Worry) If There’s a Hell Below, We’re All Going to Go (7:50).

Neil Diamond

If this gem doesn’t put a spring in your weary step, nothing will – Cherry Cherry (2:43).


When you start to feel the burn, don’t give up, and remember, The Purple One said I would die 4 u (2:58).

Pérez Prado

The king of mambo gives you the final burst to get home with the hypnotic and mental Lupita (2:50).

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