Could This Singer Be Michael Jackson's Illegitimate Son?

Well this wasn't news we were expecting to see this morning, but it turns out a 31 year old singer called Brandon Howard could be Michael Jackson's illegitimate son.
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Remember in Billie Jean, where Michael sings about a women claiming to have given birth to his child? "She says that I am the one / But the kid is not my son" and all that jazz? Well, turns out the kid could well have been Jacko's all along. It's emerged that 31 year old singer Brandon Howard is the 99% DNA match of the late Jackson, and happens to look, act and sound quite a lot like him too.

Suppose "She says that I am the one / But the kid just happens to look, talk and sing like me and be a 99% DNA match with me but I promise he's not my son" wasn't as catchy.

Brandon is the son of Miki Howard (below), a singer who was represented by Joe Jackson in the '80s. Her long term partner claims she's never been with anyone else and hadn't even met Michael Jackson at the time of his son's birth. Right you are mate.


The Michael Jackson estate has said "Any deadline for claiming to be Michael Jackson's son has long since passed". To be honest if we knew there was a deadline for that kind of thing we'd have sent our own claim in. Here's B Howard in action.