Dead Skeletons

If Icelandic neo-gothic, dark psychedlic groove is your schtick then check out the Dead Skeletons. They're from Reykjavik and own a shop called Death. Their next single, a cover of Katrina and the Waves 'Walking On Sunshine' is out now...
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I don't have any truck with those who say music was 'better in my day'.

All the time the glory of the Internet throws up another great tune and another band you can get immersed in. Music doesn’t stop when you get to 25 and there are endless twists and turns in this dirty river to come.

I don't have any truck with those who say music was 'better in my day'.

Dead Skeletons are from Iceland and ply a neo gothic, dark, psychedelic groove. They sound unique but to make things easier for you I will look up the journo dictionary and throw a few words around like...neo Suicide- capturing the New York duo's dark, pulsing keyboards and ghost rider vocals, there is a tinge of gothic darkness with the sort of genuine darkness that most bands can never seem to achieve, a touch of punk rock attitude, plenty of esoteric references and some genuine archaic weirdness- and a 21st century psychedelia like the UK’s Androgynous Anonymous where they marry mind melting weirdness with modern technology and the internet and reach out beyond the suffocating crushing of the market by the Ballad of Peter and Jordan obsessed media (isn’t that the dullest celeb story of all time?) …somehow they mash these together and have made one of the great freak power pop records of the autumn.

Dead Skeletons come armed with a philosophy and talk of death and darkness and life. Staring death in the eye they make great tunes like the one below. It's another example of great Goth tinged rock- the scene that never existed and yet has managed to cast such a great dark shadow (ha!) over music for decades. Maybe its time to wake up to its innate power.

Dead Skeletons, of course, are not a Goth band but they share a lot of the same obsessions- the same dark imagery and pulsing minor key musics. The video is great as well and shows a pair of keen minds immersed in all the fascinating counter culture, esoteric stuff from Tibetan dancers, to surrealism to the death trip- it's like a scrapbook of Magik and weirdness.

Reading up on the band on the internet they live in Reykjavik and they own a shop called Death and they started this trip because one of them was found to be HIV positive in the nineties and instead of shrinking away from this they started earth in the face and fought back fascinated by the darkness, embracing it and paradoxically celebrating life. Their myspace is covered in great pieces of DIY artwork and quotations from obscure philosophers and psychedelic junk and explanations about the ‘spiritual secrets of the Carbon Atom’ and what the Swastika symbol really means before it was hijacked by a load of freaks and bully boys last century.

There are also two tunes on there for you to gobble up...

My advice is gobble up now!