DJ Tiesto: Strength To Strength

Tiesto is quite simply the biggest DJ in the world. Here, in an exclusive interview he talks about a stunning career of college invasions and lifting the roof off clubs all over the world.
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Topman Generation: This time of year is usually one of your busiest with ADE and your Club For Life College Invasion Tour in America, but you're all laid up at home. What happened?

Tiesto: Well, my back had been hurting me for a while and I finally went to the doctor who told me that it was actually a pretty serious issue. I hate to disappoint my fans and postpone the College Invasion Tour for a few months, but the doctors convinced me that a month of rest was truly necessary. I look forward to feeling better and getting back in the booth. In the meantime we've rescheduled the tour dates thankfully and I've had some down time in the studio to work on lots of great new music.

Topman Generation: 2012 has been another brilliant year for you nonetheless. Electronic dance music is now a truly worldwide sound with festivals taking place every weekend in every continent. Where have been the stand out festivals for you this year?

Tiesto: I have so much fun at every festival I play! This year I had a really great time at the UMF Festival in Korea. There were so many people in the crowd with such great energy, it was amazing! I also really enjoyed playing Electric Zoo in New York City. It's hard to beat the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop for a set!

Topman Generation: You surprised a lot of people when moving from the world's biggest club Privilege to the more intimate surroundings of Pacha for your summer residency in Ibiza. Why did you decide to move clubs and how was the season for you?

Tiesto: I definitely enjoyed my time at Privilege, but I was keen to move away from the huge room into a smaller more intimate venue. Pacha was ideal for this and it allowed me to experiment with my music a lot more. It is also the venue on the island that best embodies the Club Life aesthetic. I had a really incredible time there this summer, the parties were a lot of fun for everyone!

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