Does Anyone Bother With Myspace Anymore?

Social Networking fail Myspace peaked before it could make any major profit and is now desperately clutching onto the coat tails of the Arctic Monkeys' success.
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Remember when all the talk was of the Arctic Monkeys and their myspace driven rise to fame? it was one of the worst cliches then, like ‘ roller-coaster ride’ and ‘end of’ and not strictly true. It missed out the fact that the band was very, very good and had toured a lot but it gave an indication of the high water mark for myspace, the first of the social networking revolutions that altered how we used the internet.

Pretty soon every band in the country was on myspace and instead of rehearsing were sitting there adding as many friends to their myspace profiles as possible. Within weeks there were bands you had barely heard of with 24 000 friends. Sadly none of these ‘friends’ ever went to see the band play or buy their records as they were called in those days.

It was easier and cheaper than paying some slippery geek to setup a website

Myspace provided a useful tool for a one stop listen to my band and see a youtube clip service. It was easier and cheaper than paying some slippery geek to setup a website and every music conference in the world had panels on myspace. It was constantly hailed as the future until this thing called facebook came along. Older people wouldn’t go near facebook, they didn’t trust it’s new fangled look and were left out of the next part of the social networking wave, what they made of twitter is anyone’s guess and they are probably still stuck out there on myspace waiting for someone to message them or attempting to use myspace’s clunky message service to keep in touch with the few surviving people that actually use it, avoiding the digital driftwood that blows around that corner of the internet.

Like the 8 track cassette or long forgotten strange sweets, Myspace came and went- a marker for a small period of time when it was all the rage and the question has to be asked- does anyone still use myspace? and what happened to those thousands of ‘friends’ those bands built up?

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