Does This Chain Of Events Prove Prince Will Headline Glastonbury With Supergroup?

Secret rehearsals and a few choice comments all give me reason to believe the elusive star <em>might</em> be headlining Saturday night at Glasto. Here's why...
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I've watched every move Prince has made for the last 30 years. To the point that he actually became palpably annoyed with me in February and verbalised it, directly. Don't worry, I handled it.

Prince, mate, if you're reading this don't be angry, I'm too excited to not let people know what I'm pretty sure is happening. To make up for it, the next time you're in London I'll have a game of ping-pong with you, get in a load of Raisinettes, put Gary Numan on, and I'll paint you a portrait ( by the way)......

In loose chronological order, here are the obsessively detected events that lead me to a prediction that the biggest and most powerful performance that Glastonbury, or music, will ever see could be happening at the festival this year, on the Saturday night....

Jimmy Paige said that if Robert Plant didn't want to do shows with Led Zep they would find another singer.

Prince's vocal range and power is still far superior to that of Robert Plant, and has not diminished, unlike Plant's. I've heard Prince bomb through a cover of 'Whole Lotta Love' before and piss on Plant's efforts.

Throughout February Prince does gigs in London (Led Zep's hometown) he spends the majority of these shows (I went to nearly all) demonstrating his command of the electric guitar, and his fluid, powerful virtuosity as a guitarist, tight band member, and leader. Also, if you are doltish enough to compare any of these incredible performances to any other artist it would have to be Hendrix or Led Zep. (Strangely, what was supposed to be a promotional tour for an upcoming album starts and ends in England.....?!). My reckoning is he was here to firm things up and let people know what he's capable of.

Prince says in an interview for Mojo magazine that he questions aspects of Jimmy Paige's ability as a guitarist, (he has never before bad mouthed any other musician, so why would he start now, and regarding a guitarist he's admired his whole life?). I believe this was a private joke.

Prince's head of production does a 'reccy' at Glastonbury site.

Led Zep meet and rehearse at a remote location in Joshua Tree, USA.

('s the vinegar strokes.....)

Prince joins them!


(The above 3 pieces of information came to me through 3 reliable sources independent of each other, who know that I am a Prince nut and know to keep their ears peeled, and I thank them.)

Michael and Emily Eavis refuse to confirm the Saturday night headliner for contractual reasons (Prince doesn't like anyone selling their wares by using his name, also, 3 million people attempted to buy tickets for Led Zep's 02 gig a few years ago, so announcing this before selling out would have started a mammoth shitfight for tickets that organisers couldn't handle).

They also put out a line saying "they hope to get Led Zep one year" (I clocked this as naive subterfuge)

Prince regains his publishing rights and hastily forms an in-house publishing company.

I put it all all together and predict with a 95% certainty that Led Zeppelin and Prince will collaborate at Glastonbury festival on the Saturday night.

So there you have it. Prince and Zep supergroup. I reckon anyway. You're welcome. Robin x


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