Douglas Dare's Top Tunes To Cure Jetlag

Having just returned from a North American tour with Erased Tapes labelmate Nils Frahm, the London singer and composer is perfectly placed to rundown the essential songs to get you back on GMT...
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1. Before Your Very Eyes - Atoms For Peace

This is my favourite track on AMOK. It's such a beautiful melody and the lyrics are very fragile. The beat is very invigorating so I listen to it when I run. I love songs that marry melancholy moods with driving rhythms. Thom Yorke inspired me a lot in this way both with The Eraser and AMOK.

2. Rest Your Head - Bat For Lashes

The production on this album is reminiscent of some dance music I like. Again, the melody is so strong and I think it works independently of the music. Strong melodies are where songs catch me and Natasha is very good at this. There's often a hook in her music but they're the sort of hooks that subtly grow in your head-they're the best, I find.

3. cystyaline - bjork

There's such a great build up to this track. I think the instrumentation is perfect and the clarity of the production is really refreshing. And even though I'm not a dub fan, the ending on this track is insane. Friends have filmed me flinging myself around to this song.

4. Oregano - Chilly Gonzales

I hear Chilly stage-dived at the Barbican in London; that's kind of hard to believe when listening to this album but when you hear his other stuff it makes sense. I think Chilly brings the dynamic of his dance music to the solo piano records and even though they literally are just piano they're so captivating! This is a beautifully held back track but it reminds me of a silent movie soundtrack and makes my mind run away.

5. Unsquare Dance - Dave Brubeck

There's nothing better than an irregular time signature to keep you on your toes. My mum played Dave Brubeck when I was a child and the effortless movement between these complex rhythms fascinated me. As a child I'd loved dancing to this track and weirdly I think this track and many other of his have inspire my work - just in a very down-tempo kind of way.

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6. Krokodil - St Vincent

This is a taste of St. Vincent's punk side and reminds me of when she stage dived at her London show and somehow continued to shred on the guitar. I'm definitely not sleeping to this track! This record was her Record Store Day 2012 release I think, and I bought it on 7inch, I love how it's both aggressive and camp at the same time.

7. Picture This - Blondie

One of my first bands covered this song (pretty badly) so I know every lyric and love singing it at the top of my voice. Debbie Harry's performance is fantastic, almost screaming the melody out. And I love the lyrics in this tune, especially "get a pocket computer..." - it really reveals the era in which it was released!

8. My Devils - Hanne Huckleberg

Hanne is the queen of cluster harmonies that clash in the most satisfyingly awkward way. The tension in this track is sublime. I came across this tune as I live with two Norwegians who are also musicians: we share a lot of the same music taste and this track ticks all the boxes. Such a beautiful old honky-tonk piano mixed with heavy electronic beats - this definitely inspired the way I wanted to record my debut album.

9. Dress - PJ Harvey

The beat! I love it so much. PJ is my all time favourite artist. How the beat starts the song, and the syncopation. There's so much energy and I can't help but me completely captured by this song. I think that's what PJ does so well, marrying this dark, raw sound with what is essentially a pop tune.

10. Chase The Tear - Portishead

First of all, the riff in this tune is crazy good. Almost like a disco bass line. And Beth Gibbon's voice is this ghostly figure standing over it all, twisting and bending the melody, altering the key of the music in a way only she knows how! Such constant, unwavering energy in this track. Tension and release, what Portisthead do so well.

Douglas's new album  'Whelm' is out now on Erased Tapes.
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