Egomunk Releases Video To MY TV, From LP Footsteps To Mars

Anonymous musician egomunk has released the video for MY TV, the fourth single from his debut album Footsteps To Mars, further breaking down the barriers of what's possible for an artist in the digital age.
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Nobody knows who egomunk is but with over 300,000 downloads of his debut album Footsteps to Mars his music is speaking for itself.

egomunk has become known for the artistic videos that are slowly being released to celebrate landmarks in the downloads of his debut album. The release of his latest animated video has already drawn widespread praise in the underground creative scene. Created using animation community BlendSwap, MY TV features a haunting character who acts as a narrator to the lyrics of the track. With this, the viewer is given an exclusive look into the mind of this elusive artist through the eyes of the lonesome character. It is left to the viewer to decide whether the character represents egomunk himself or is a personalisation of his thoughts.

Egomunk’s reverb-heavy wonky-folk has drawn legions of fans, but it's not only the music that's causing conversation but the way the fans are interacting with it.

By a relatively unknown artist having such success by giving his album away for free via, Footsteps to Mars is representative of an important change in the way we consume music. As Beyonce and Bowie have shown, the internet makes much of the record label hype surrounding new album releases redundant, as fans can access music direct from the artist and share it among friends all with the click of a button. This leaves the door open for all manner of new experiences and ways of getting our regular music fix for fans.

The entire Footsteps to Mars album features nods to artists such as Muse, Coldplay and Mogwai but with a certain individuality that is not often heard in the industry these days. The album manages to tap into the emotional depths of the listener through eerie hooks and subliminal lyrics that are perceived differently each time you listen to the tracks.

Watch the video for MYTV below...

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