Exclusive: The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds Live At Brixton

The renowned electronic act celebrate 25 years in the business this year. Here's the first listen of their seminal track Little Fluffy Clouds, live at Brixton...
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It seems almost incomprehensible that it’s now 25 years since Alex Paterson took his first giant steps under the banner of The Orb. Caught in the escalating rush of acid house and armed with dream-realising new technology, Alex, and whoever else was on his flight path at the time, started pumping their inherent sense of mischief into panoramic soundscapes with heavyweight beats, taking the live electronic experience to new levels.

A quarter century later, the world is a much different place after technology progressed further, changing the way music was created and heard as the next century got under way. By then, The Orb had already charted a fearlessly wayward course, while unleashing one of the most uncompromisingly innovative bodies of work of the last century, no sound too extreme or source too cheeky.

The Orb - History of the Future box set celebrates 25 years of the hits which made them a commercial success, the remixes which kept the underground happy, and some of the amazing videos which accompanied the singles. Pre-order here.

Stream their recent live performance of Little Fluffy Clouds below.

Tour Dates

10th Oct                       Brighton                       The Haunt

11th Oct                       Reading                       Sub 89

12th Oct                       Manchester                Academy 2

13th Oct                       Dundee                        20 Rocks

16th Oct                       Wolverhampton         Civic Centre

17th Oct                       Great Yarmouth         The Oakwood

18th Oct                       Bath                              Komedia

19th Oct                       The Forum, London   Forum, Kentish Town

20th Oct                       Newcastle                   Warehouse 34

6th Nov                        Gloucester                  Guildhall

8th Nov                        Bridport                       Electric Palace

9th Nov                        Nottingham                 Marcus Garvey Centre

10th Nov                      Holmfirth                     Picturedrome

13th Nov                      Exeter                          Pheonix

14th Nov                      Bournemouth             Old Firestation

15th Nov                      Hebden Bridge           Traders

16th Nov                      Dublin                           Button Factory

17th Nov                      Buckley                        Tivoli Venue

24th Nov                      Cambridge                  Corn Exchange