Famous Musicians Recreated In Retro 8-Bit Felt

From Waits to Wonder via Marley, a New Zealand artist has produced a range of felt canvasses featuring famous musicians. Soon they are all going to exhibited in an exclusive show in Crouch End...
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AC Beaton is a New Zealand artist who now resides in London and designs and produces canvasses in 8-bit design using felt.  ‘How The Music Felt’ is his first 13-piece collection inspired by the music that shaped his early life. From The Beach Boys, Beatles and Bob Marley to Tom Waits, the Rat Pack and Stevie Wonder.

AC Beaton says this collection is: “Fun and quirky, yet also meaningful – the music is as important as the art and one should always follow the other.”

All 13 pieces that Beaton has created will be exhibited and on sale for one night only to raise money for Prostate Cancer charities at the Haberdashery in Crouch End on the 23rd of September.

You can check out more of AC Beaton's work here on his website.

For more, check the Facebook Event: How The Music Felt

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